Alyssa and Bo - Utah Wedding Photographer - Manti, Utah Temple - Bridal Photography


These two! Alyssa and Bo are just the greatest. I decided to combine some of my favorite images from their both bridal sessions and wedding day into one blog post (if you would like to see a post with some of their engagement session images, click here). Each day was uniquely fun in it’s own way. We started the bridal session with a very sweet “First Look”. Bo couldn’t hold back tears when he first saw his soon-to-be bride in her dress, I loved being there to witness that moment. During the rest of the session we had some pretty crazy wind, but that didn’t stop Bo and Alyssa. They kept on keeping on, being their spunky, happy, fun selves for the rest of the session.

Their wedding day was clear, bright, beautiful and… SO DANG COLD! But, again, this didn’t hold these guys back. They had huge smiles on their faces all day, just happy to be together and with their wonderful families. It was such a good day.